Date: 5th November 2013 at 12:16am
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Manager Mark Yates has once again been left to focus his after match verdict on our costly defensive mistakes following the two all draw with York.

The match was rather cat and mouse like, with Cheltenham taking the lead twice before squandering the advantage and for Yates it’s been a case of the same old story, not only for most of the season, but especially for our last three league games.

Speaking to the Official Site following the match, the gaffer explained that in his mind there is absolutely no question that Cheltenham should’ve taken the maximum nine points on offer from our last three league games and he gets the impression that the media and fans alike must be ‘sick’ of hearing him talk about ‘defensive mistakes’ but sadly the team aren’t giving him much else to talk about.

‘They are costing us. The first goal was disappointing but the second one even more so because the game was there for us down the hill with the wind and we were playing alright. We completely switched off for a set piece for the first which is a cardinal sin, but we got ourselves back in front again before half time. I think we really should’ve capitalised on that first half and got 2-3 goals. The mix up for their second was calamitous.’

Fair enough it wasn’t all bad in the 90 minutes, and Yates does acknowledge the positives that we can take again, but the undercurrent is whatever positives he can find in games lately are completely overshadowed by the mistakes we are making defensively so we aren’t really gaining anything.

He picks out the fact we played some good football on the day, and that we created some very good chances, and again should’ve possibly been slightly further ahead at points in the game than a single goal margin, but he can’t help himself in saying we ‘helped the opposition’ so everything good we were doing, we simply undone for ourselves.

One thing that is really getting his goat it seems at the moment is the fact that at the end of every game somebody is coming back into the dressing room and apologising for a mistake, and whilst that will remain in the dressing room, as ultimately it’s a collective effort he’s getting sick of the apologies.

With all the mini ranting done, Yates does also comment that the league is so tight that if we can finally get our act together and buck up defensively, we can more than get to where we want to be in the league still despite how many games we have wasted so far.

And to be fair, that’s probably the source of his frustration mainly as we are only eleven points off top place at the moment so if we weren’t shooting ourselves in games, and were playing like we were last season, so only would we be in the mix for the automatic promotions spots at the moment, but we could in fact have run away with it slightly so far.